The Owner :)

Hello peeps :)

Im AZELIANA AFIQAH. just call me EYKAA or whatever you like. I was born on 21.11.1998. Im studying at SM. ST. Francis Convent (M). Im crushing on Cody Simpson, Greyson Chance, Bruno Mars♥
I love to Dance. Im just simple girl. I love my family soo much, they meant so much to me. I love my buddies, they rock my life every seconds, everyminute and everyday. I pray when Im in trouble, but when im happy, I might forget everything. I love shopping. I love to take a walk with my friends and family. I study and texting everyday. I sleep and eat in class, I talk everyday. I stole my parent's money sometimes, I see crazy videos, I bully nerdss, I escape class, so what? I don't give a damn cause this is life means, I love myself, so I rock myself up! I love musics, I love colourful and I love everything in this world. Well, I like making new friends but I am not that friendly as you think, but we can be friends as long as you want to. If you think I'm a faker, please dont view my blog :) thanks.


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