Thursday, 10 November 2011

I'm your biggest fan, I'll follow you until you love me :')

It may sound silly, unimportant and so stupid. but its the most important thing for me right now. It feels like I was in the edge of a cliff, just about to fly away leaving the ground when suddenly something invisible pushed me hard. And then I feel off the cliff, hit the ground. Hard. It may sound cliche and whatsoever, I thought of it too. i have always had an assumption that its just silly and so effing stupid for adoring some superstar and all, but this time, I cant find my assumption anywhere.

It hurts so badly :( i just cant find a reason why. I've tired, I've tired to go for it, to keep and reach him. But my sister says no. My sister said that its not entirely okey to adore someone that much. Well, accually, my parents say that. I mean, its just a little show to attend, is that too much to ask for? I knw its kinda far and all and i truly understand about the money. All I need now are money and their permission. If they said YES, then i'd go.

me: mumy! Greyson Chance will make consert at Kota Kinabalu. Can I go?
mumy: ..... (No Respond) -.-
me: can i go Greyson's consert, please?
mumy: CANNOT!
me: But why? :'(
mumy: chuz you still a kid, eykaa. nanti kau kena rape. tu consert byk pilak, nnti kau kna culik and blablabla <-- ceramah -,-

Its sad that they say NO

Time goes by and teenagers nowdays are not like teenagers twenty years ago, are they? I still cant put my fingger on it. Im 13 y/o. Dah ckp umur ni nak pegi tgk consert Greyson Chance ;3

I always have dreams. Sometimes Im dreaming about me and him singing together, taking picture wif him, getting ti know him better and blablabla. And now? I cant reach it whereas its RIGHT in front of my face. How ironic isnt?? If they just LET me go, I promise I'd be a good person/student and get good grades. Thats all i can do now, isnt that enought for them? I can try my best, I knw I can :') Wont they give me another chance? Dont they understand my feelings? Dont they know about my dreams? its NOT WORSHIPPING, its ADORING. Gosh! cant they see the difference???

Now all I can do is just sit here, then cry, watch in TV/Youtube and watch my dreams go up in smoke, correct?? hnya sebab aku GAGAL dlm exam andd dpt number 44/47 dlm kelas... pnya teruk kann? :'(

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